Five things to know about BIOStartr

BIOStartr is the first digital accelerator for biotechs.

We think, Biotech is the future. At BIOStartr we believe Biotech is the future.The biotech sector is rapidly developing and we are developing with it. While others may believe that biotech is a risky branch with slower returns compared to other evolving technologies such as software and tech, we can’t say we agree. In our opinion, the world is just learning how to adapt to this amazing branch of technology. In fact, Biotech start-ups have a higher rate of success than their tech counterparts. Here at BIOStartr we even offer free services for your Biotech (read more here). Once you are ready to rock, our platform will help you find the best investor match for your project. Let us give you a boost and accelerate your business – only digitally.

BIOStartr is the new gateway for Biotechs.

We help to overcome recurring financing challenges. BIOStartr helps biotech startups to find funding and support. Investors, incubators and potential partners are now conveniently located – at!  Recurring financial challenges plague the Biotech sector. Our goal is to globalize the branch and lower risk for both, Biotechs and Investor. Go global, we have.

We bring disruptive innovations to life.

We help promising Biotechs to get noticed. By providing valuable assistance, we help to make your Biotech company shine. Our community is at the pulse of time. And we want you to be, too. Our online platform keeps everyone up-to-date on the latest projects and news.

We showcase the most aspiring Biotechs.

We like to think of ourselves as a virtual roadshow. Offline there is always a limit to the networking that can be done. However, at BIOStartr your projects speak for themselves and are available on the site until you remove them. The likelihood that your perfectly matching Investor will come along is better than ever.

We speak science and investor fluently.

BIOStartr can help you translate. We know investors don’t often understand Biotech’s innovative ideas. However, our team of scientists certainly understands and can help you translate. We will provide you with assistance and be your liaison. Let’s fill in those missing links. BIOStartr allows everyone to get back to the real work. We know there is a lot to be discovered.

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