At BIOStartr one of our main aims is to gain and keep your trust. We want to establish a rapport with our users and provide the best possible services we can. We know that not every biotech project can meet its goal but circumstances can change and we suggest not giving up. Learn more, share more, connect more. We, too pledge to work hard. We will address your concerns and questions in a timely manner and be a pillar of support. The BIOStartr Ecosystem strives to be a platform where professionals work together —and everyone must play their part.

What everyone should know

There is no magic success potion.
The BIOStartr Ecosystem is a collaborative platform that seeks to solve many of the fundraising, support and networking problems that biotech’s have in a competitive investors market. While we believe in our
approach and provide new opportunities for Biotechs to grow we can not guarantee every company or project an investor.

BIOStartr is not a dating website.We’re professionals.
While we like to speak of Biotechs finding their perfect matches, BIOStartr is a community for professionals only. We expect all parties to treat one another with respect. For example we expect biotech’s to 1) take careful thought into establishing their profiles and investors and partners to 2) take genuine action ands make meaningful contact when interested in a biotech company of project.

Don’t cry over spilled milk.It is disappointing when a business relationship ends prematurely or unexpectedly. However, this is not reasons to give up. Failures are important to the learning process. For Biotechs we offer our additional fee-based consulting services to give you an additional leg up. 

What Investors should know

Explore and discover. BIOStartr was designed in order to place content and information in a more easily accessible manner. Feel free to read the stories Biotechs have written to gauge their character, or watch their movies to understand their passion. Be curious. 

Start a conversation. If you are interested in a Biotech, ask them a question or request their information. Many Biotechs have uploaded their private business plans and financial documents for your analysis. Request these restricted documents from our team and with the biotech’s permission you will be able to access these in no time. 

What Biotechs can do

Be honest. Know what you want and what help you are hoping to find. When reporting numbers or your business plan, don’t exaggerate and definitely don’t lie.

Be prepared. We suggest you do your homework. Know your finances, timeline, your market and your competition and share these documents with the upload option. Being prepared shows that you are serious about your business. We offer fee-based additional consulting if you are not at this stage yet.
Update often. Add new numbers, new information, new documents and new pitch decks once they are available. Whenever there is a new development let the community know this will show your commitment.

What we do

We are watching.
 And proactive. We monitor the BIOStartr platform continuously to identify problems before they occur. 

We are responsive.We want to provide solution. We want to hear your feedback and work on integrating your suggestions. 

We collaborate and believe in team work.We want to work with our professional community to create the best possible experience. We will continue to seek to increased the networking power of BIOStartr.