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BIOStartr is the first digital accelerator for biotechs.

BIOStartr gives biotechs seeking funding a better chance at being discovered. We want to provide an impulse for the growth of bright and innovative ideas. Biotech and life science funding was more competitive than any other sector at the end of 2013. However, venture investments are expected to be strongest since the recession in the coming years. BIOStartr wants to help you put your best foot forward.

The biotech branch is rumored to be risky and have a lengthy return on investment. But…did you know that the risk of failure for a tech startup is way higher than biotech? Some 75%+ of tech startups fail historically, whereas only 40-50% or so of biotech startups suffer that fate (Forbes 2014).

Our mission is to shake off the negative connoted reputation of biotech and provide an impulse for the growth of bright and innovative ideas – the statistics are on our side.




billion revenues

billion venture capital

initial public offerings

were achieved in Europe in 2013,
in the US $72 billion – a whole bunch more
was invested in Biotechs in the EU in 2013, about 4 times more was granted in the US became reality in Europe in 2013 compared with 41 IPOs in the US
Source: Ernst & Young Biotechnology Report 2014


Presenting your project to investors all over the world has never been easier.