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1. FAQs for Service Partners- Law and Accounting

What makes BIOStartr different from other investor websites?

The biotechnology industry is a unique group with special  needs and challenges. In contrast to  crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Seedmatch, BIOStartr is a  B2B solution addressing professional investors.

Why do I need BIOStartr?

With the BIOStartr Ecosystem you will be able to forge good relationships and gain credibility within your industry in your area and around the world. Challenge the competition. As the biotech industry globalizes you can be onboard with BIOStartr. You can use our network to increase presence and you client acquisition potential.

You will also be given the opportunity to appoint a member of your team to our country-specific advisory board which will position you as a powerhouse, expert and go-to partner in your region.

How much does BIOStartr cost?

For service providers joining us in our first year 2014/2015 our platform is accessible for 7,500 Euros.  Umlimited access to our network and presence on our promotional campaigns are included. Our biotech relevant content will also be at your fingertips.

What kind of advantage does BIOStartr give me?

BIOStartr is your virtual roadshow that keeps you at the pulse of time. Rather than paying conference sponsoring fees where content and network opportunities are only temporary, at BIOStartr your content remain permanently and subject to your discretion.

What is my edge in using BIOStartr?

With BIOStartr you will be able to maximize contact points with the most aspiring biotech’s and become a part of this disruptive approach. As a service partner you will be participating in a forward thinking digital business and will be able to use the platform as your virtual roadshow.  Joining BIOStartr is a unique opportunity. And a chance for you to appoint an expert in your team to our country-specific advisory board.  We are turning business models upside down with our platform and keeping up with the innovative market.

How does the advisory board work? Who should I appoint?

As a service provider your presence on BIOStartr is guaranteed by you participation in your country-specific advisory board. Choose a member of your team as at the BIOStartr ambassador that will be kept updated and informed of new market developments in the region.

2. FAQs for Premium Service Partners

Why do I need a  BIOStartr Premium Service Partnership?

As a premium service partner you will be able to gain to maximum potential available from the  BIOStartr Ecosystem.   We will guarantee absolute exclusivity in your region which will increase your presence substantially and set you ahead of the rest.  COST As a premium partner  you will also have the amazing opportunity to the BIOStartr Overall Advisory Board.

How much does BIOStartr Premium cost?

For Premium Service Partners we charge 15,000 Euros. This includes unrestricted access to our network, content positioning and presence on all marketing material (both on and off line) is included. You will also be guaranteed exclusivity when you appoint a team member to the advisory board. Additionally, accounts for your portfolio biotech companies are free.

How does the advisory board work? Who should I appoint?

As a premium service partner you will not just be guaranteed participation in your country specific advisory board but absolute exclusivity and participation in the BIOStartr Overall advisory board. This exclusivity enable you to  increase your reach in the BIOStartr and entire biotech community.