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What is BIOStartr?

BIOStartr is a virtual roadshow at the pulse of time. BIOStartr’s convenient online location allows Biotechs with groundbreaking new ideas to share their projects to a worldwide investment audience. BIOStartr makes the world a little smaller. Here Investors, Biotechs, Incubators, and potential Partners are able to share ideas and stay informed.

What does BIOStartr do?

Well, we do a lot of things but in short we help investors invest and Biotechs “biotech.”
By that we mean we help you concentrate on your primary business. Biotech company founders spend a lot of time and energy finding funding and traveling the world. Often they come up empty handed because the biotech sector has not been successfully globalized. Investors on the other hand sometimes have trouble understanding what biotech companies do. Investing in a company that needs a lot of seed capital is a risk. BIOStartr is a matchmaker for Biotechs and Investors and helps you to overcome the hurdles.

How does BIOStartr work?

BIOStartr is a professional matching service that allows players of the Biotech business to get acquainted. Similar to a sophisticated dating website. We invite eligible Investors, Partners and Biotech Incubators to one place. Biotech companies that are seeking funding create interactive and attractive profiles and let the world know what project they need funding for. Interested investors and partners then reach out. Is it love or just chemistry?

Why is BIOStartr useful?

Because not everyone lives in Boston or San Francisco! These two biotech mega hubs have a good infrastructure for up-and-coming Biotechs and are certainly swarming with investors interested in biotech, but good ideas come from all over the world. We want to help you discover your potential.

How is BIOStartr different than other fundraising platforms?

Biotech is a unique industry with special needs and challenges. In contrast to crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Seedmatch, BIOStartr is a B2B solution which addresses professional investors only. BIOStartr is confident that with a business model like this the newest innovations can be brought to life faster!!

How does BIOStartr make money?

BIOStartr finds suitable Investors and invites them to the platform free of charge. BIOStartr charges Service Providers, Lawyers and Accountants interested in using the platform a partnering fee, because these parties profit from the advertising network BIOStartr provides. We offer a lifetime subscription free of charge for the first 30 Biotechs.

Aware of the financing challenges that young biotech’s face, when the number of 30 Biotechs on our platform is reached, BIOStartr will provide two different lifetime subscription options for Biotechs. A one time payment and a financing option for biotech’s with less cash on hand.

Option 1) A single upfront payment of 5,000 Euros for a lifetime subscription („Flatrate“).
Option 2) A free trial, those happy with our services can then sign up with our easy financing option. 1% of the investment which came about as a result of the registration during the presentation and 24 months after the end of the presentation, or for each round of presentations („Performance Rate“).

Who are the people behind BIOStartr?

The people behind BIOStartr are a young, dynamic and have a sense for market needs. Now lets stop this vanity. BIOStartr was born from the vision, that Biotechs worldwide should be able to find their perfect financing match. While there are temporarily only a few knights of Biotech justice, we are hoping to extend our platform and our team soon. Check out jobs page to share the vision.

Why does the world need BIOStart?

If you work in biotech you probably already know why. Biotech is a rising business and we are just at the beginning of a success story. That’s why the pioneers have a hard time establishing their products. There are many innovative ideas, but Biotech is „risky“, so it will not always be Investor’s favorite choice. What if we could arrange a perfect fit?

What is my edge in using BIOStartr?

Joining BIOStartr is a unique opportunity. It is a chance to be on the cutting-edge of biotechnology developments. BIOStartr is a great tool that can give biotech’s access to partners that will help their business flourish, and investors and partners new clients and more influence in the existing market.

We are turning business models upside down with our platform and keeping up with the innovative market.

Permanent content and presence are just a part of this benefit. Many of our partners benefit from the opportunity to appoint an expert team-member to our country-specific advisory board. Participation in the advisory board will position you as a powerhouse in your country.