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What make BIOStartr different from other investor websites? 

The biotechnology industry is a unique group with special  needs and challenges. In contrast to  crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo or Seedmatch, BIOStartr is a  B2B solution addressing professional investors.

Do I need to have an account?

No as a corporate representative you do not need an account. All you need to do is browse. By providing your email address to our team, you will get unrestricted access to the website.

Why do I need BIOStartr?

For presence and benefits. As a corporation you may be interested in establishing  a relationship with biotechs or you have a solid base in healthcare. Either way by actively participating in the BIOStartr Ecosystem you will be able to forge good relationships with biotechs, investors and other partners and increase existing customer base.  Your portfolio companies will also benefit by being offered free subscription.

How much does BIOStartr cost?

For corporates BIOStartr is free of charge. Unrestricted access to our network, content positioning and presence on all marketing material (both on and offline) is included. As a corporate partner you will also have the opportunity to to be a part of the advisory board.

What kind of advantage does BIOStartr give me?

At BIOStartr you can enhance your credibility as a leader in the biotech industry.BIOStartr provides you with unlimited access to our network and content. The Ecosystem establishes promising opportunities to connect biotech companies specifically in your area and all around the globe. We even offer country-specific appointments to our advisory board.

Joining BIOStartr is a unique opportunity to engage and grow your audience.  

What is my edge in using BIOStartr?

We firmly believe that BIOStartr is unlike any other platform. BIOStartr is your virtual roadshow that keeps you at the pulse of time. Rather than paying conference sponsoring fees where content and network opportunities are only temporary, at BIOStartr your content remains permanently and subject to your discretion. With BIOStartr you will be able to maximize contact points with the most aspiring biotech’s and the rest of the BIOStartr ecosystem.

Can I be on the advisory board work? Who should I appoint?

Of course, as a corporate partner you will be able to appoint an R&D executive to the country-specific expert board of your region. Having a BIOStartr ambassador will keep you updated and informed of new market developments in the region.