Biotech Incubators

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Do I need to have an account?

No as an incubator you do not need an account. All you need to do is browse. If your portfolio companies are interested in participating they will need to create an account however their profile is free of charge.

How much does BIOStartr cost?

For incubators BIOStartr is free of charge. Unrestricted access to our network, content positioning and presence on all marketing material (both on and off line) is included. Additionally, accounts for your portfolio biotech companies are free.

Why do I need BIOStartr?

For presence and benefits. As an incubator you have already built a good relationship with the biotech companies you support. By actively participating in the BIOStartr Ecosystem you will be able to forge good relationships  with investors and other partners for your existing costumer base. Additionally, BIOStartr is a great tool that can save you time and money. Not to mention your portfolio companies will also benefit with a free subscription.

What kind of advantage does BIOStartr give me?

Joining BIOStartr is a unique opportunity that will give have unlimited access to our  network and content.  It provides an opportunity to contact other biotech companies in your area that you would like to work with.  In addition we offer you a chance to appoint an expert or member of your team to our BIOStartr Committee. Participation in the committee will position you as a powerhouse in your country.

What is my edge in using BIOStartr?

We are turning business models upside down with our platform and keeping up with the innovative market. Additionally BIOStartr is your virtual roadshow that keeps you at the pulse of time. Rather than paying conference sponsoring fees where content and network opportunities are only temporary, at BIOStartr your contents remain permanently and subject to your discretion. With BIOStartr you will be a part of a new disruptive approach.

How does the advisory board work? Who should I appoint?

As an incubator your presence on BIOStartr is guaranteed by your participation in our BIOStartr Committee. Choose a member of your team as at the BIOStartr ambassador that will be kept updated and informed of new market developments in the region.