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E. coli converted into novel antibiotic generating factories!

Researchers at the University of Buffalo, after many years of engineering the appropriate strain, have now been able to coax E. coli to produce new forms of antibiotics including three that show promising potential to combat drug-resistant bacteria.
The system they have created is surprisingly flexible. The researchers have established a platform for using E. coli to produce erythromycin.

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BioBac Trac – biotech

Novel molecular test for Salmonella Serology!

BioBacTrac presents a new and fresh approach to microbiology testing for the agricultural and food manufacturing industries.
The SISR method was developed to provide industry with a reliable, accurate, fast, and affordable means to serotype Salmonella.

Innovative microbiology solutions!


Today´s refreshing biotech

Web-controlled scientific instruments!

Practichem makes scientific instruments that you can control from the lab or from the cafe. What could people accomplish if technology found in the laboratory could be as intuitive and interactive as any smartphone or high-end consumer technology?
The answer: even more than we imagined!

A refreshingly new approach to scientific instruments! A complete protein chromatography solution!


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Ocean´s microbiome is like the human gut´s

The mankind is a step closer to understanding the microbial community that inhabits the ocean – and it has some striking similarities to the community that lives inside our guts. The microbiome of the world’s biggest ecosystem and one of the smallest appear to function in surprisingly similar ways!

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Targeting the Cancer Stem Cell!

Targeting a cure. An innovative approach!

COARE Biotechnology is a research driven pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing novel therapeutic agents designed to treat solid tumor cancers. Their strategy is based on targeting the Cancer Stem Cell (CSC) subpopulation within any given tumor.
COARE’s research based approach attempts to understand the underlying mechanisms that control tumor initiation, progression and metastasis.


Kenkodo – Your Life. Your Well-being.

Recognize lifestyle habits that are good for you!

Do you already know Kenkodo?

  • Map your daily habits
  • Track your body
  • Understand your body

Take a blood sample. Have your metabolism checked in the lab. Get the results on your smartphone. Sounds simple? It is!

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Today´s topic: bacteria for cancer diagnosing

Many types of cancer, including colon and pancreatic, tend to metastasize to the liver and the earlier doctors can find these tumors, the more likely that they can successfully treat them!
Using a harmless strain of E. coli that colonizes the liver, the researchers programmed the bacteria to produce a luminescent signal that can be detected with a simple urine test.
Bacteria as a possible vehicle for cancer treatment? Do you think it works?


Today´s social biotech

…a way to grow the city as a living environment!

The mission of Farm-X is to create new job opportunities for low-income youth in hydroponic vertical farms in cities throughout the United States; beginning with Oakland and California.

  • Train and employ a green collar workforce of urban agricultural workers
  • Re-activate blighted urban space through the development of industrial-scale vertical farms
  • Provide Bay area chefs, retailers and consumers more resource efficient and socially-engaged agricultural products

Vertical farms to create living-wage job opportunities for youth at-risk!



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