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In this Issue

  • The stats speak for themselves – statistics tell us that the risk of failure for a tech startup is way higher than biotech
  • New biotechs on BIOStartr –  BIOStartr welcomes Magnepath and S-Biomedic, two promising biotechs
  • A Dutch entrepreneur curing his ALS disease became BIO’s Superhero – Read the story about this year’s winner of the BIO Philadelphia „Everyday Superhero“ Award
  • Weekly biotech news –  BIOStartr provides you with the most important headlines regarding biotech and startups of this week

Biofabrication – impressions from the DLDSummer conference

Biofabrication – growing material using microorganisms – more precisely bacteria and yeast.

Who does exactly know what Biofabrication is? It´s originally a biomedical definition. However, now it is also used to describe processes where biological organisms are harnessed for the manufacture of material whose normal production harms nature.
At the DLDSummer conference 2015 in Munich three pioneers in the field of Biofabrication presented their innovative approaches to save animals and to protect nature.

Would you try a meat-free Hamburger consisting of muscle fibres? You should give it a try as it tastes neutral and is quite healthy in comparison to its meaty colleagues. The secret behind that meat-free Hamburger, which has been presented in 2013 the first time, is nothing more than a couple of stem cells derived from mammalian muscle tissue. These cells were triggered to proliferate into muscle tissue Peter Verstrate from Cultured Beef explains. The whole process takes about 3-4 weeks and is an innovative alternative to produce meat without having to kill animals.
A similar idea is persued by the company Modern Meadow which aims at developing cultured products of the highest quality, as Modern Meadow Creative Director Suzanne Lee points out. Modern Meadow is focused on exploring new ways to create sustainable animal materials like leather for example. The process of creating leather by making use of bacteria is similar to the creation of meat. Here also stems cells play the key role with the only difference that they are derived from skin tissue instead of muscle tissue. So, perhaps in the future one could wear leather bags or shoes without having a bad conscience about the animal’s fate. Sounds great, right?

Growing meat and leather sounds reasonable to some extent, but growing bricks? This is possible, too!
The company bioMASON has developed a technology using microorganisms to grow „biocement“ based construction materials. The biocement can be used as a green alternative, as the fuels used for the conventional brick production are a major cause for environmental pollution. Therefore, bioMASON enables enormous savings in energy costs and a reduction of carbon emissions. But how does this technology work? Ginger Krieg Dosier – CEO of bioMASON – explains that the main ingredients are only the following: bacteria + sand + aqueous solution. To sum it up: It is an ingenious fermentation process!

Learn more about these highly inventive biofabrication technologies:

A new way to fight Alzheimer´s disease!

Multi-targeted small molecule therapy to treat Alzheimer’s disease!

Amarit Biosciences is an innovative drug discovery company and focuses on novel chemistry based technologies to discover multi-targeted single-small molecule therapeutics for neurodegenerative disorders, especially Alzheimer’s disease (AD), for which there are no disease modifying or curative treatments yet.


Spindletop Capital

Spindletop Capital – Partners with exceptional leaders to build transformational healthcare companies.
Spindletop Capital focuses exclusively on healthcare investment opportunities. They strategically invest in companies – both within the region and nationally.

Investment Sectors:

  • Healthcare Services and Distribution
  • Biopharma and Specialty Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare IT
  • Medical Diagnostics and Devices


Design driven mini-lab!

Amino, the tamagotchi for synthetic biology!

Amino is an intuitive bioengineering mini-lab that allows easy bacterial transformations and enables continuous growth of the culture. Inspired by tamagotchis, the genetic transformation of an organism´s DNA is performed by the user through guided interactions, resulting in their own synthetic organism, for which they can care for like you would a pet.



C elegans can replace vertebrate animals!

Your new standard to evaluate the systemic toxicity of cosmetic products!

CeleScreen offers an innovative alternative method to characterize the toxicity of cosmetic molecules, at the scale of a whole organism via the worm C elegans.
Since 2013 cosmetics regulation prohibits the realization of tests being important to evaluate toxicity on vertebrate animals.
By offering an optimal toxicological model at the organism scale with a scale-up technology CeleScreen represents a strong interest for cosmetics industrials!


Today´s promising startup – NEOGRAM

Improvement of pastures for a more sustainable livestock production!

The company´s product GRAMAX is a subtropical pasture of the variety Rhode Grass, molecularly enhanced to increase its forage quality.

Its main feature is a higher digestibility.

This allows increasing the efficiency of animal feed, positively impacting productivity while reducing greenhouse gases emissions of produced meat.


Weekly BIOStartr Newsletter

Keep up with BIOStartr and the biotech and startup scene and sign up to our weekly newsletter!

Take a look at this week’s BIOStartr newsletter here and subscribe now to get your weekly update

In this Issue

  • Meet your target audience on BIOStartr – Register your biotech on BIOStartr and benefit from the BIOStartr ecosystem consisting if investors and supporters worldwide
  • New biotechs on BIOStartr –  BIOStartr welcomes Anew green, RMD Biotech and Farm4Trade, three promising biotechs
  • New BIOStartr partner –  BIOStartr teams up with BioRiver
  • What is the main cause of death for 90% of startups? – See the 20 biggest reasons why startup companies fail
  • Weekly biotech news –  BIOStartr provides you with the most important headlines regarding biotech and startups of this week

Have you already heard about cell-free DNA?

Unleash the power of cell-free DNA!

Freenome is a technology company developing proprietary algorithms and novel methods to enable accurate diagnosis of clinical conditions. The platform utilizes the power of next-generation sequencing to bring about the dream of non-invasive, accurate and early detection of cancer…from 1 mL of blood.

Method: Extraction of circulating, cell-free DNA (cfDNA) that are expelled by the cells in the body from a sample of your blood. Tumor cells expel cfDNA with mutations associated with cancer called circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA).


The ideas of tomorrow!

EvoRx has developed a revolutionary technology that enables the development of next generation treatments for today’s unmet therapeutic needs.
EvoRx can design orally available, cell permeable compounds to drug protein-protein interactions that were thought to be undruggable!

For more information about that highly innovative company have a look here