Getting Started.

Nice seeing you here! Let’s get started.

The BIOStartr Team would like to welcome YOU.  As you may know by now BIOStartr is a digital accelerator for biotechs that engages the global professional investment audience. BIOStartr’s founding members noticed a disparity in investment behavior — initial public offerings, revenue and venture capital funding was unequally distributed across the globe. The US Market dominates the sector but there is no reason for bright individuals and ideas around the world to go unnoticed. WE want YOU to shine.

Making Investor Introductions.

Establishing a project profile. Let investors get to know the real you., TED Talks and educational studies all agree: in order to sell your ideas you need to tell engaging stories. At BIOStartr we urge you to do the same. Use creative essays, inspiring stories, vivid pictures and moving videos to share your dreams and impress investors with your future plans. You have almost infinite space to do this and embedding your own video via vimeo, youtube, etc. is just one click away! Just remember to keep it simple. Investors often come from different backgrounds than you do.

Planning Ahead.

Planning ahead … means doing your homework.

Homework is not just for grade-school. In order to persuade with your ideas you need to be prepared to answer difficult investor questions concerning the future and financing of your project. Gather your project and/or company documents and assess your needs. Determine your financial goals.

Making Your Point.

Making your point by uploading your documents.

BIOStartr has created a unique space for you to share your business documents with professional investors on a permission basis. Upload your business/project plan, pitch deck, confidential information memorandum, profit and loss account, and balance sheets to give investors a comprehensive financial overview.  Investors that show interest in your project will ONLY be given access once YOU have given consent. All investors on the BIOStartr network are professional and have signed non-disclosure agreements upon joining.

Additionally, the documents you uploaded will be reviewed by BIOStartr professional staff to provide you with insight and direction. Your sign-up includes a free commercial check-up, business plan check and digital deal flow management.

In Step „Planning Ahead“, we suggested you do your homework. If you’re still struggling with this “assignment,” our fee-based consulting services offer comprehensive business planning if you require guidance beyond our included services.


Updetas, Updteas, Updates.

Its been said that practice makes perfect. Similarly, at BIOStartr we believe updates drive success. You project/company profile should be lively and interactive not static and idle. In order to attract investor attention your documents should be updated periodically. Your profile should include links and the latest successes and even failures.

Evaluating and Reevaluating.

Evaluation and reevaluation is a necessary business process.

If investors have “taken the bait” and provided you with funding it is important to determine what you have done well and even what you can improve upon. It may even be time to look for funding during the next phase of your project or a different product. BIOStatr invites you to have multiple projects running simultaneously. If you were not yet able to attract an investor the evaluation phase is crucial. We suggest you liven up your profile and review your business documents. Examine the free feedback BIOStartr provided upon registration or that other investors gave you. Our fee-based consulting service can help you pinpoint any problems if you can’t.

Staying in the Loop.

Stay in the loop. Biotech is bigger than us all.

BIOStartr keeps you informed. Our blog, weekly newsletter and twitter feed biotech relevant information to biotechs like you, investors and partners. Our pre-selected article gives biotech investment oversight and you valuable and relevant information to plan your next steps.

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