See through your food!

  • Mai 19 2015 · 

Portable food contamination and allergen-testing device!

Allogen Biotech is developing a portable food contamination and allergen-testing device that will enable food manufacturers and food processors bypass time consuming and expensive centralised laboratory testing. The company is entering the worldwide and rapidly growing area of „Gluten Free“ (37% growth rate, UK) and „Free-From“ (24% growth rate, UK) food manufacturing, and processing areas.


Today´s smart biotech!

  • Mai 18 2015 · 

Connecting farmers to their crops!

Agrosmart believes that it’s possible to improve people’s lives by doing things in a smarter way. In order to improve productivity and optimize the use of resources in agriculture Agrosmart created a solution for smart farming that connects the farmer to his crops.

Agrosmart helps farmers to better manage their agribusiness, understand their crops and its needs in relation to irrigation, pests and diseases.


Today´s topic: the need for feed

  • Mai 15 2015 · 

A novel biotechnology to support a sustainable tomorrow!

KnipBio is developing a proprietary fermentation technology to formulate highly nutritious, sustainable and economical aquafeeds. Their KnipBio Meal (KBM) is a source of essential amino acids, protein and anti-oxidant carotenoids.

Did you know that more fish protein was harvested than cattle in 2013?

Because you are what you eat – and, what they eat too.



Weekly Wednesday Newsflash – get news from the biotech and startup scene

  • Mai 13 2015 · 

What happened in biotech in the week from 07 May – 13 May 2015? BIOStartr provides you with a short review of last week’s biotech news.

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  • 05 | 12 | 15
    The human body as a walking, talking drug factory – read more (Forbes)

    Small but mighty VC doubles up with new biotech seed fund  – read more (Silicon Valley Business Journal)

    5 steps to identifying potential investors that are right for you – read more (Entrepreneur)

    US picks up biotech expertise in EU – read more (European Biotechnology News)

  • 05 | 11 | 15
    Juno acquires German biotech company for about $81M – read more (The Seattle Times)
  • 05 | 07 | 15
    AbbVie gets a ‚breakthrough‘ for one of its top cancer drugs – read more (FierceBiotech)

    Morphosys buys peptide therapeutic company Lanthio Pharma – read more (Reuters)

Today´s crazy biotech

  • Mai 13 2015 · 

Growing auxiliary brains!

Neugenesis grows three-dimensional brains that can be worn on shoulders like a backpack and as mechanical side-kick hybrids, brains-on-wheels, that can follow you, and assist you in your daily tasks, physical and intellectual, like a true friend.

The primary purpose of Neugenesis is to elevate the human species to a new level of existence through genetic engineering techniques and electronic interfacing!




Something new is coming…

  • Mai 12 2015 · 

The advance invention that puzzles the mind!

M*FLORANNA® is a 24th century pure organic Nutrients / Fertilizers of the future that produce an extra plant growth from +15 up till 40 % to achieve large, high and healthy yields from fruit trees, crops and plants for the agricultural sector.
With the wonder of Nature in its fullest TWONN ® has opened the gate to the next centuries with an advanced,100% organic bio-technology that is very effective in all soil systems and can be applied in all climate conditions.

Experience the wonder of nature nutrients!


BIOStartr presents…

  • Mai 08 2015 · 

…the winner of the breast cancer startup challenge!

ProVivox is a company with a single goal in mind: identify cancer patients who would benefit from chemotherapy based on biological characteristics of their tumor.
The idea: ProVivoX’s short-term objective is to establish a prognostic algorithm to predict cancer patient survival using ratiometric biomarker analysis of tumor tissue.

ProVivox helps you to make the right choice for the cancer treatment that is right for you!


BIOStartr brainteaser of the week

  • Mai 07 2015 · 

The Gold Standard in Nootropics!

Nootroo is a once-daily capsule containing a blend of the best nootropic substances available. Each capsule provides over 5 hours of energy and enhances learning and memory formation for the short and longterm.

“Man will not wait passively for millions of years for evolution to offer him a better brain.”
Corneliu Giurgea, 1972


Weekly Wednesday Newsflash – get news from the biotech and startup scene

  • Mai 06 2015 · 

What happened in biotech in the week from 30 April – 06 May 2015? BIOStartr provides you with a short review of last week’s biotech news.

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  • 05 | 06 | 15
    Alexion to buy Synageva for $8.4 Billion – read more (The Wall Street Journal)

    Adaptive Biotech gets $195M to dig deep into the immune system’s secrets  – read more (Forbes)
  • 05 | 05 | 15
    Biotechnology will provide excellent investment opportunities well into the 21st century – read more (Forbes)

    Cancer drug spending reaches $100M mark – read more (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News)

    Does your comfort zone matter in business?  – read more (Entrepreneur)

    Corbus who? A tiny biotech enters the ring with a hulking Vertex – read more (FierceBiotech)
  • 05 | 03 | 15
    The tiny biotech getting free lunch from Big Pharma  – read more (The Motley Fool)
  • 04 | 30 | 15
    Get more sun, get less pancreatic cancer – make sure you get enough vitamin D! – read more (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News)

    Celgene deepens its Agios ties with an $80M option deal – read more (FierceBiotech)

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