Cells meet big data!

  • Jun 12 2015 · 

Grow Cancer to Fight Cancer!

Xcell Biosciences is a San Francisco-based life sciences company that has developed an innovative research and diagnostics platform utilizing its technology for capturing and growing tumor cells and immune cells directly from patient blood.
The company is able to capture the comprehensive set of genetic information for each patient’s cancer and track changes to that dataset overtime!


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  • Jun 10 2015 · 

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Crowd-based financing in the Life Sciences?

  • Jun 10 2015 · 

When it comes to finding investors in the Life Sciences, crowd-based financing is still raising quite a few eyebrows….
In the last few years, more and more biotech and medtech firms have launched crowd financing campaigns. In Europe, this seems especially true for France, Germany, UK, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

But to date, no report has analysed the relevance of these alternative financial instruments for the Life Sciences industry and the specific challenges connected to this sector.

We at BIOStartr already know the specific challenges of the Life Sciences sector!
This is why BIOStartr is a B2B solution which addresses professional investors only. BIOStartr is confident that with a business model like this the newest innovations can be brought to life faster!

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Today´s silver biotech

  • Jun 10 2015 · 

Silver Hydrogel Nanostructured Wound Dressing!

RMD Biotech LLC has developed a product which offers extended protection for critical control of infection in chronic wounds and minor injuries. It is a non-woven, fibrous gauze dressing with controlled silver release used for dressing wounds and other open injuries.

Silver is an antimicrobial agent and has a history in wound healing dating back at least 2,000 years, since ancient Greece and Rome!

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Insect Farming System

  • Jun 09 2015 · 

Automatized Insect Farming System!

EntoFactory is a young startup located in Chile, South America, focused on the development of solutions for Insect Farming. Currently it is working on the automation of mealworm production for elaboration of processed insect-based food and an organic industrialization of the traditionally manual separation and harvesting of these beetle larvae.


Arabidopsis uses molecular decoy to trick pathogens!

  • Jun 08 2015 · 

Plant cells have developed a receptor incorporating a decoy intended to catch the invader in its own trap!
As in humans, interception of pathogens by the immune system is essential for plants, allowing them to ensure their survival, growth and productivity. Their defense responses rely entirely on genetic resistance conferred by a family of receptors expressed in individual cells.
Ralstonia solanacearum, a bacterium responsible for bacterial wilt of many plant species has developed a particularly effective invasion strategy. Arabidopsis thaliana, which is one of the „preys“ of the bacterium Ralstonia solanacearum, uses a defense mechanism just as radical as that deployed by the bacterium.

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