Today it´s all about food safety!

  • Mai 06 2015 · 

Next-generation food safety testing!

PolySkope simultaneously detects all the most common food borne pathogens that cause death and financial ruin. Simple and easy to use, our test uses a single overnight enrichment and sample prep to detect Shiga Toxin E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria.

PolySkope makes comprehensive testing easy and affordable!



„Surprise egg“ of the day

  • Mai 05 2015 · 

3D-Printed vascularized tissue!

Nestegg´s product, RootCube, is a process and product that allows researchers to create vascularization within a cell medium. This allows researchers to create more complex tissue samples in labs for long term toxicology and more accurate test results. For cancer patients, RootCube will accelerate the process of determining the correct drug treatment for their specific needs!


Today’s revolutionary biotech

  • Mai 04 2015 · 

Wound Healing with Regenerative Tissue Products!

Dregalla Medical Technologies is investigating a novel, patent pending advancement which may be used bedside at the time of surgery to restore normal, functional tissue. The company has developed a new generation of tissue-directed wound repair which accelerates wound healing, minimizes scar tissue and encourages the growth of native tissue. This is achieved by using a developmental tissue which is combined with a mixture of pro-growth proteins.

Dregalla Medical Technologies seeks to change lives for the better!


Get ready for today’s biotech

  • Apr 30 2015 · 

Nucleic acid therapeutics!

Anvil Biosciences leverages nucleic acid gene expression platforms to enable the patient’s own cells to generate therapeutic proteins and biologics. Precisely engineered next-generation DNA plasmids and RNA oligonucleotides specify the therapeutic proteins to be produced in the context of in vivo or ex vivo treatment modalities. The company´s target indications range from rare to large market diseases.


Weekly Wednesday Newsflash – get news from the biotech and startup scene

  • Apr 29 2015 · 

What happened in biotech in the week from 23 April – 29 April 2015? BIOStartr provides you with a short review of last week’s biotech news.

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  • 04 | 28 | 15
    Diabetes upstart Intarcia raffles a slice of future revenue for $225M – read more (FierceBiotech)
  • 04 | 27 | 15
    Good news for rhinoceroses: biotech startup Pembient is making rhino horns – read more (TechCrunch)

    Celgene bags a build-to-buy biotech in $485M cancer deal – read more (FierceBiotech)

    Good news: biotech’s not lost in space! – read more (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News)

  • 04 | 25 | 15
    How to build a successful startup and keep it afloat – read more (Entrepreneur)
  • 04 | 23 | 15
    Biotech market: $46.8 billion by 2019! Growth is expected to come in agriculture – read more (AGRI-VIEW)

    Biotech is a marathon: See some biotech people who went the distance in boston – read more (Forbes)

BIOStartr agriculture startup of the week!

  • Apr 29 2015 · 

Fintech for Farmers!

Produce Pay is a new, accessible financial solution focused on serving growers around the world.
Produce Pay as a transaction platform provides farmers with the commercial relationships and financing they need to successfully harvest and sell their products. The company offers a new financing solution for farmers, who grow fresh fruits and vegetables, enabling  immediate access to liquidity and financing.


Today’s novel biotech

  • Apr 28 2015 · 

Behavioural characteristics linked with DNA!

Karmagenes genetic test is a novel and versatile way of bringing together science, social networking and personality tests.
Scientists around the world have begun to establish that our genes play a key role in determining who we are and what kind of partner we choose.
Don’t you want to know how your own DNA, the one of your partner, of your parents, of your siblings, or your kids has played a role in their personality?

It is science. DNA does not lie. Your personality – in your DNA!


BIOStartr scans the biotech scene

  • Apr 27 2015 · 

Safer products, better world!

Vitargent aims at combining scientific expertise with social responsibility to improve consumer product safety and to help clients to differentiate safer and better products from the competitors with innovative science, affordable price and great service
The first successful innovation is patented transgenic fish that can light up in green florescence while detecting toxins. It can save up to 60% time and cost compared to the traditional testing method.

Read more about food safety and Vitargent!


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